Troubleshooting Stripe Verification

Have you received a violation message from Stripe? Have no fear! Corksy can help you get verified and setup.

Messages from Stripe typically look like the ones below:


Why did I receive this message?

At times, Stripe is unable to verify your business because wineries fall into the "violated business" category.

However, you can surpass this issue by providing Stripe with a few more details. 

Verification Steps

  1. Stripe needs you to open a new support thread.
    1. Through the link provided in your email, sign in to your Stripe account and click "Contact Support"Screen_Shot_2022-11-23_at_8.02.35_AM.png
  2. Copy and paste the subject and message exactly as it is written below (into the Stipe Support help ticket)

Subject: My business has been flagged for closure and I've been selling wine for a long time & need to be reviewed please.



I received an email that my Stripe account is still being terminated despite submitting all necessary information to prove WRITE YOUR BUSINESS NAME is a law abiding and legitimate company. I have been with Stripe for years and have never run into this issue before.

This is a huge time of year for us and we have many holiday email campaigns running to our customers. I am providing all necessary information to resolve this issue immediately.

Please let me know if you need any additional information on our end.

Thank you,

1.Age gate on the website: When logging into the website there is an age gate. I can provide a screenshot if necessary.


2. Alcohol license. I can provide all necessary federal and state licenses allowing me to produce and sell wine.

3. Shipping agreement (provide a signed alcohol shipping agreement with a delivery company e.g. UPS FedEx etc. which must be signed by at least the user). I can attach the contract I have with 'WRITE SHIPPING PROVIDERS NAME' allowing me to legally ship alcohol.

4. Checkout checkout page. Please visit: WRITE YOUR BUSINESS URL & add an item to cart to verify checkout process. WRITE YOUR BUSINESS NAME is a Corksy customer.


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