Use a combination Manual Rates and Carrier Rates

Using a combination of manual and carrier rates allows your customer to choose from a handful of shipping options at checkout.

This is recommended when you want to offer faster shipping rates (overnight shipping) at real-time carrier prices, rather than at discounted prices.

You must have Manual Rates and Carrier Rates set up first before you begin to enable this option. For the complete guide, click here. 

In this guide we will review:

  • What do combination rates look like
  • Setup Instructions

What do combination rates look like

With manual rates AND carrier rates applied, these are the shipping options your customers will be able to select from at checkout.


You can see the customer can choose from three options at checkout:

  1. The UPS real-time carrier rate at $32.70
  2. A manually created rate at $0 for 7 to 10 day shipping
  3. A manually created rate at $20 for 5 to 7 day shipping

Setup Instructions

Navigate to your shipping settings to begin. 

  1. Start with the first manual rate you've created

    1. If you only created a Flat Rate shipping rate, you only need to edit this rate

    2. If you created multiple zone rates, you will need to edit each rate independentlyScreen_Shot_2023-04-20_at_10.12.14_PM.png

    3. The manual rates or "your rates" above should be already created
    4. Click Carrier and App Rates 

    5. Click Add Rate
    6. Keep the selection "Use carrier or app to calculate rates". Select the carrier you'd like to enableScreen_Shot_2023-04-20_at_10.15.04_PM.png

    7. Select all the services you'd like to enable.

      1. For example, selecting UPS Next Day Air and UPS Ground will only show these options at checkout.

    8. Enter a Handling Fee only if you want to charge your customer an extra handling fee at checkout. You can leave this section blank.

    9. Click Save

    10. Repeat these steps if you'd like to add another carrier rate option at checkout. For example, FedEx AND UPS.

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