Fulfill orders with other 3rd party providers

Do you use another 3rd party partner to fulfill and ship your orders? Meaning that you do not ship these packages yourself. 

Follow the steps here:

  1. Find the unfulfilled order you need to fulfill in your Orders TabScreen_Shot_2023-04-20_at_11.38.02_PM.png
  2. Click the "Edit" button
  3. Forward the order to your 3rd party fulfillment partner 
  4. Once the 3rd party fulfillment partner providers a tracking number, return to the order
  5. Choose "Fulfill Item"Screen_Shot_2023-04-20_at_10.53.32_PM.png
  6. Enter the tracking number and shipping carrier. Corksy will automatically contact your customer with the tracking information and details about the order delivery date.  Screen_Shot_2023-04-21_at_11.26.59_AM.png
  7. The status of the order will change from "unfulfilled" to "fulfilled"Screen_Shot_2023-04-21_at_11.32.09_AM.png

Do you want to fulfill orders yourself? Click the guide here. 

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