Open your "Wine Makers Choice" wine club package

Once you've created your Wine Makers Choice wine club package, you will need to OPEN the package to continue. Opening your package will officially alert customers that their wine club orders are ready for customizing or processing. 

Haven't created the package yet? Get started here! 

Did you create a Customers Choice Package instead? Access the OPEN steps here.

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Open your wine club package

Once you have created the default settings of the wine club package, you can OPEN the package to your members. 

Opening the package will immediately alert your members that their shipment is ready to be customized. Corksy will warn you if you want to open your package before proceeding. 


  1. Find the applicable tier and Click within it. Example: 3-bottles mixed club 
  2. Find the Wine Makers Choice package you'd like to open and Click OPENScreen
  3. Confirm that you want to OPEN the package. This will immediately alert your members that their shipment is ready to be customized. 
    • Corksy will warn you if you want to open your package before proceeding with the message: Screen
  4. Once you OPEN a package, you cannot make any changes
    • The default wine selection and close date cannot be changed

Communication that your members receive

As soon as you OPEN the wine club, your members will receive an email alerting them that the wine club is ready for customization.

Steps to customize:

  1. Members open the following email:Screen
  2. Members click into the email, they will see the following message:Screen

How do members view their shipment

With Wine Makers Choice packages, members cannot customize their wine selection. They can only view their wine club package within their account.

Steps to view:

  1. From your website, members log into their account Screen
  2. Members navigate to My Wine ClubsScreen
  3. Members click View Packages 
  4. Members will see the OPEN package in their account. Here they can view their winesScreen
  5. Members can Skip the package if they are allowed to by their wine club terms and conditions
  6. No further action is needed by the member
  7. If you want a member to have the flexibility to add onto their wine club shipment, create a Customer Choice package with required minimums 
  8. Members will receive an automatic email that their selections will be shipped once you change the order status in the Corksy portal from "open" to "closed" Screen

Next Steps: Progress of wine club orders

After you have opened your wine club, customers will be able to make changes, skip, or request early fulfillment dates. To learn how to view the progress of wine club orders, read more here!


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