View progress of "Customer Choice" wine club orders

After you have opened your Customer Choice wine club, customers will be able to make changes, customize, or request early fulfillment dates. In this article, you will learn how to view the progress of wine club orders and the meaning of each status type. This includes the following:

  • Open orders
  • Completed orders
  • Process orders
  • Failed orders
  • Closed orders
  • Package updates
  • Close dates

If you have created a Customers Choice wine club package, members will be able to customize the wines within their shipments. How will you know once the member has customized and the order is ready for fulfillment? View the different status alerts below. 

Open orders

When you OPEN the package, members are initially labeled with Open status. Open means the member has received the shipment notification and they are able to customize however, the member has NOT taken an action yet. 


Completed orders

Once a member customizes their order by making wine selections, they will move into Completed status. The member must save their selection to move to this status.


When a member clicks Save Selection, they are taken to a new screen where they can choose to "process my order early" or "complete selection". 

If the member selects "complete selection" and NOT "process the order early", they will be labeled with the Completed status. This means that they will wait until the shipment close date to have their order fulfilled


When the member is in Completed status, you must wait until the package close date to finish fulfilling the order and charge the credit card. 

The member may continue to make edits and changes to their order when they are in Completed status. 

On the close date, the Completed status will change to Process

No further action is needed by the winery until this date.


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