Setup Store Information


Click the Setup Guide in the top right corner of your Corksy admin account & click Store Information. In this article we will review how to properly input your:

Store Details

Configure your Store Details by inputting the following:

  • Store Name
    • This should be the legal name of your company.
  • Store Contact Email 
    • The Store Contact Email is the email address that you use to log in to the Corksy admin. This email address is used to contact you about your Corksy account. Additionally, this email will also receive all the latest Corksy related news & updates. 
  • Sender Email
    • The Sender Email is the email address that will appear to the customer when communicating via email. This will also be the email that sends automated responses such as:
      • "Thank you for your purchase!", "Thank you for joining our Wine Club!", etc.



Store address

Please note, the store address should be the primary address of your company. You can add additional locations in the Locations tab of your Corksy settings. Configure your store address by inputting the following:

  • Legal name of your company
  • Phone Number
  • Primary Address
    • This address should be the primary address of your company. Please include full address including: Street, City, State/Province, Zip Code, and Country/Region.



Standards and formats

In this section you will input your company's desired time and weight standards. To configure your standards and formats you till need to input the following:

  • Time Zone
    • The time zone selected should be the area in which your company acknowledges the uniform standard standard time for legal, commercial, and social purposes. 
  • Unit System
    • The unit system you select will define your stores unit of measurement for a quantity of a part.
    • These setting will also affect your shipping rates 
    • Metric System vs. Imperial System
  • Default Weight Unit 
    • The default weight unit selected will define your stores unit of weight measurement.
    • Kilograms (kg)/Grams (g)


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