Setup Shipping Locations


To manage, edit, add or delete location information, go to Settings in your Corksy navigation menu & select the Locations tab. 

The primary address is your shipping return address.

Any secondary address can be used for tracking inventory by location and multiple pickup locations

The primary shipping location is initially set as the location that is entered into the Store Information tab.

Add, Edit, Delete Location

The Shipping Location is the location that is entered in the Store Information tab. This can be changed at any time in your Settings.


  1. Go to Settings & select the Locations tab. 
  2. Select + Add Location.Screen_Shot_2022-11-02_at_4.01.40_PM.png
  3. Enter the Location's name, address and phone number.


  4. Click save.

Delete Location

Select the trash icon of the Location you would like to delete. 

Please note: If you only have one location saved in your Corksy account, you will be unable to delete this location. To change your Store Address, go to Settings > Store Information > Edit Store Address

Track inventory with multiple locations

Adding multiple locations will allow you to track inventory from each location. The primary address will always be affiliated with your shipping return address. However, you can fulfill your orders from different addresses if needed. 

Add your shipping address using the "Add Location" button.

Follow this guide to learn more detail about tracking inventory with multiple locations. 

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