Create a Wine Club

In this article we will review how to properly create/add new wine clubs. To begin, click on Wine Clubs in your Corksy navigation menu.

Creating a Wine Club 

Upon adding your first Wine Club group, the created club will be automatically added to your website under a new page called "Wine Club".


  1. Go to Wine Clubs in your Corksy navigation menu.
  2. From the Wine Clubs page, click + Create wine clubScreen_Shot_2023-06-02_at_7.38.58_PM.png
  3. Enter the desired Wine Club name.
    1. For example: Red Wines Only Club
  4. Enter the Wine Club short & long description. 
  5. Select the frequency of the Wine Club allocation.
    1. For example: 3 times a year, 4 times a year, etc. 
  6. Based on the frequency of shipments, enter when the shipments will be allocated.
  7. Enter the estimated price the member will pay per Wine Club allocation.
  8. Choose the number of days before closing the "customer choice" option.
    1. After this day, the auto-pick default choices will be chosen for the customer.
    2. If you will not be offering customer choice for the specific club, enter '0'.
  9. Enable the customer preference questions, if desired
    1. These questions allow you to determine customer wine preferences when building their shipment.
  10. Click Save. 

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