Create a Customer

To create, manage, or update Customer information, click the Customers page in your Corksy navigation menu. In this article we will review how to properly create a new customer. 

Creating a Customer

Upon adding your first Customer, the customer created will be added to the Customers page displaying the customer name, address, membership status


  1. Go to the Customers page in the Corksy navigation menu. 
  2. Click + Create a Customer
  3. Enter general customer information:
    • First and last name
    • Email
    • Phone number
  4. Optional: Add secondary point of contact. 
    • For members who have chosen to have their Wine Club wines held for pick up, the secondary point of contact will be added as a pick up guest
  5. If the customer has agreed to receive email & SMS marketing, check the Customer has agreed to receive email/SMS marketing box.
    • This will automatically add the customer to your email & SMS lifecycle marketing segments.
  6. Input the customer's shipping address information.
  7. Click save.

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