Add a Product

To add, manage, or update Product information, click on Products in your Corksy navigation menu & click on the Products tab. In this article we will review how to properly add new products.


Adding a Product

Upon adding your first product, the product created will be added to the Product page displaying the product image, name, inventory, product type, status, and call to actions.


  1. Go to Products in your Corksy navigation menu.
  2. From the Products page, click Create Product.
  3. Enter the following Product information:
    • Product name
    • Product description
    • Product type
  4. Add the Product's media file(s).
  5. Add Collections and/or Tags associated with the Product.
  6. Input Product specifications:
    • Brand name
    • Alcohol by volume
    • Additional wine information (Vintage, Varietal, Appellation, etc.)
  7. Add Options & Variants. Add additional product variants (Color, Size, Year, etc.). 
    • If the Product does not have options or variants, make sure the "Product has options" box remains unmarked. 
  8. Enter the Product's price & cost per item.
    • This is used to calculate profit margin.
  9. Add the Product's stock-keeping unit (SKU) & inventory available.
  10. Add the Product's weight.
    • Used to calculate shipping rates at checkout and label pricing during fulfillment.
  11. Edit Website search engine optimization (SEO).
    • This section is optional. Add a description to see how this product might appear in a search engine listing. Items include Page title, Meta descriptions, & URL handles.
  12. Click save.